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You've Earned This Badge If…
• You were told to pray away the gay.
• You realized the ex-gays are all TOTALLY gay.
• You told Exodus to “Exo-THIS.”

 It blew our minds that 40% of gay people were sent to conversation therapy at one point in their lives! But I am a Cheerleader was funny and all, but who knew such a large portion of us sat through attempted brainwashing?

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, Congrats.  Don’t.  Heck, this year Exodus (the largest Christian conversion therapy outfit) apologized to gay people for decades of judgment and acknowledged that, perhaps, gay people are God’s will (duh).

If you HAVE earned this badge, man, we are sorry.  Hopefully the damage done has been fixed and you are back squarely comfortable in your own skin, as God (or Allah or Buddha or RuPaul, who knows?) intended.