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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • Buying in bulk is an extreme sport to you.
  • Itemization is your fascination.

You’re not cheap, just monetarily conscious! You think about the future, and always buy your basics in bulk. And let’s be honest…only fools buy things that are not on sale.

You might have been overheard saying, “You know you can repurpose that?!” or “Want to see the great vacuum sealer I just scored?”

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, you may never. In fact, we want to field a study to prove this is a genetic trait. And, since we know that anyone who has earned this patch would NEVER be so wasteful to actually spend money on something so impractical, it is up to you to buy it and award it to them.

If you HAVE earned this badge – contact us and tell us about your best repurposing adventures.  And it won’t cost you anything.