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You've Earned This Badge If…

  • You missed all the meetings.

If you’re like most of us, you couldn’t stop laughing the first time you heard the right wingers burst out with the term “Gay Agenda.”   Ha! Really?  An agenda?  Ok, perhaps, we DO get the animals and kids fed, clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen, make it to work on time, contribute to society. You know, all the things that everyone else is doing to try and keep up.   If you, too, think it is humorous that we collectively have a formal agenda, besides getting some basic human rights that our straight friends inherently have, then you have earned this one!

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, take a look at the 1,400 rights benefits and protections that are not automatically granted to homosexuals. Perhaps you too might want to consider if we SHOULD have an agenda!

If you HAVE earned this badge you are fighting the good fight and fighting to live a normal day to day life.  We often say that if we are doing things right, then the fact that we are gay is the most uninteresting thing about us.  Contact us and tell us your story…