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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • You check-in on social media when you are at home, as it is much more rare.
  • They know your smoothie order by heart.

It doesn’t seem right that you get called a rat…You’re fit, hot, toned and tan and despite the endless spinning, treading, lifting and pumping, your drug of choice is at least a healthy one, right? Jackie Warner and Jillian Michaels have nothing on you.  In fact, you probably don’t even know who they are, since it is only us couch potatoes that sit and watch other people work out on TV.  You are actually at the gym.  Way to go.  Men, be sure you turn off that Grindr app when you get there, else you may not get your reps in with your phone going off like the Fourth of July.

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, we are sure there is a local health club willing to give you a trial membership for free.

If you HAVE earned this badge, ease up there, killer.  It is time to show off that hot bod to those of us outside the gym.  Besides, there is less competition out here….you will stand out like a rock star.  Contact us to share your story.  Wait, no, that’s weird.