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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • You’ll save anything but yourself.
  • You know your pet’s birthday and MAY have celebrated it.

Let’s admit it, we are a little obsessive about our pets.  We are pretty sure that we keep the pet clothing industry afloat.  C’mon, the creator of a pet clothing line was laughed off Shark Tank, which made NO sense to us!

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, you probably wouldn’t like to come over to our house…the pet hair, pet toys and…wait, is that a hair ball? – when did THAT happen?  We digress. Let’s just meet at the coffee shop.

If you HAVE earned this badge, Fido thanks you.  Contact us and tell us the story of your furry friends and learn more about Buster, the model for this patch on the About Us section of the homepage.