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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • You were at Happy Camper’s coming out party!

Everybody loves a good parade! And there’s no better place for Happy Camper to come out than Palm Springs Pride 2013. Hi Ross Mathews! (Jump, wave, giggle. Jump, squeal, wave.)

From white parties to leather pride, drag queen divas to cuddly bears, we saw it all (thanks to your assless chaps, Duke). Thanks for coming out and supporting such a great cause with us. A portion of Happy Camper proceeds will go to causes that support LGBTQ youth!

If you didn’t earn this badge, don’t you worry – there will always be a gay pride parade somewhere, sometime and you’ll get your chance, we promise.

If you HAVE earned this badge, we are soooooo happy to have been able to guzzle up every minute with all you crazy, lovable freaks. What did you do at Palm Springs Pride 2013 and how did you find out about Happy Camper? Contact us – we really wanna know!