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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • Rest stops aren’t rest for you.
  • You feel the beat and want to tap your feet!

Who knew that tap dancing and hand waving was a regular thing in the men’s room? Apparently YOU did, naughty boy, and we LIKE it. You know who you are – going to truck stops to “drink coffee” or to the airport to “pick up a friend” – and we’ve got you pegged.

Maybe you have a “wide stance” when you’re in the loo, or maybe you’re just looking for a friendly romp with the likes of George Michael. If that’s the case, there might just be a toaster oven in it for you. You just never know.

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, don’t get your boxers in a tizzy – there’s still plenty of time to get caught with your pants down in a bathroom stall (which is where they’re usually down anyway, so why not?).

If you HAVE earned this badge, hopefully you didn’t meet up with another badge like former Senator Larry Craig and we’d love to hear about it. Zip up, head to the sink and wash your hands of that story by contacting us! Give us every dirty little detail.