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You’ve Earned This Badge If…

  • All of your friends turn down your Thanksgiving invite…just in case.

You have values, you respect your intimacy.  You want to do it, the…ahem…’natural way’.  So you dig through your junk draw in the kitchen, whip out the never used turkey baster you got from your creepy Uncle Jimmy (doesn’t everyone have a creepy Uncle Jimmy?) and go about procreating without all the cold and sterile accouterments of the fertility clinic.

If you haven’t earned this badge yet, give it a try! We bet you’ll discover this handy little kitchen gadget has more uses than just this one.

If you HAVE earned this badge, we sure hope little Janey or Johnny is the bundle of joy you dreamed of.  This likely means you are perusing our website in the middle of the night as we are sure you haven’t slept in weeks caring for your new bundle of joy.  Oh, while you’re at it, slip on over to Amazon and order a new baster. Your friends will be grateful.  And Uncle Jimmy will understand.